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Choosing your clothing is the fun part about getting Senior Portraits done! When choosing clothing for your session you can be creative, stylish, and express your unique style in what you wear. Sound challenging? No worries, we break it down into 10 easy steps: Continue reading »

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Fashion Style Senior Photos at David Designer

Looking to make a fashion statement with your senior portraits?

Check out these cool and fashionable images of Abigail! For her images, we incorporated both urban and fashion styles to give her portraits a unique fashion style with just the right amount of edge. Combining these two styles together created the ultimate package for Abigail- and you can create that in your own way, too! You’ll be sure to stand out with these high fashion styled images. To show off your unique portraits, you can customize a high end portrait themed Folio or Accordion Book, both perfect to share with family and friends. You can even choose a Boutique Framed Portrait to emphasize your perfect, fashionable look! The possibilities are endless… schedule a fashion themed session today!

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Pittsburgh Senior Portraits l Cassandra

Unique Locations for Pittsburgh Senior Portraits

Here’s a great example of the variety of looks we can get out of an Ultimate Plus Session, the best of the best out of all of our Senior Portrait Sessions. Cassandra chose the Urban and Fashion Session Styles for the location portion of her shoot. We applaud her on her careful consideration in her outfit choices for this shoot. She brought a variety of clothes in different styles, colors, and patterns and she also did a great job of accessorizing with funky necklaces, which makes her style unique and 100% Cassandra. To learn more about picking out the perfect outfits for your Senior Portrait Session, read our blog post titled “10 Senior Portrait Clothing Tips”. Great job, Cassandra! The sky is the limit, where will we take your Senior Portraits?




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Location Senior Portraits

Unique on-location Senior Portraits to fit every senior’s personality!

Express your true personality with a special on location senior portrait shoot. Our Excursion session includes traveling up to 45 minutes from our studio in Moon Township/Clinton.

We have already scouted or photographed at many awesome places around Pittsburgh to insure that your photos will be special and different from your friends senior pictures.

You can also pick your own location that has significance to you or reflects your interests or personality. Why settle for ordinary pictures when you could have this once in a lifetime experience?




To see more check out David Designer Portraits and our Facebook page.





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Kelly Burak | Senior Model Rep



We had a great time doing Kelly Burak’s nautical themed High Fashion Senior Model Rep shoot! The sky was blue, the water was sparkling, and the wind felt great…ships ahoy!

We were able to get a little bit of everything nautical into Kelly’s shoot. We had her splashing in the water, leaning against a boat, and eventually we had her paddling around in the water like a champ!

Before we photographed her by the water, we spent some time with her in the forest. There was sunlight streaming through the trees that we were dying to capture, and Kelly’s coral colored dress looked great among the vivid green leaves. After we got some shots of Kelly looking like a woodland goddess, we then ventured down to the lake.

Kelly picked out perfect outfits for the lake, you could tell that this girl did her homework! The first outfit was a bright yellow dress, which looked fantastic next to the blue water. The second outfit showed her true sailor pride with a navy and white striped shirt. Kaela did Kelly’s makeup and hair, and we think she turned out great! For her eyes Kaela used gold and brown tones to make her honey brown eyes sparkle. For her hair, Kaela gave Kelly loose curls. Luckily for us, Kelly’s mom Carol is a hair dresser, so she was very helpful and even gave us a bottle of professional hairspray to use at the studio! Thanks Carol, that stuff is a lifesaver (no pun intended!).

Looking at Kelly’s album, we are very pleased with the variety of looks that we were able to get out of her shoot. We worked in shade and full sunlight and used a flash, allowing us to have complete control of the lighting. We even used the flash right next to the water and some how managed not to sink our flash unit to the bottom of the lake- go us! We also worked with natural light and reflectors. Aside from our lighting, we are happy with Kelly’s cooperation, styling, and great posing! The nautical theme offered something unique, and we had a blast working with the water with Kelly. Great job Kelly, we’re glad to have you on the Senior Model Rep Team!


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Sierra Downing | Senior Model Rep



We had a blast during Senior Model Rep, Sierra Downing’s High Fashion Photo Shoot. She choose fashion meets the farm as her theme, and she really rocked it out!

The weather was incredible for Sierra’s shoot. The sky turned a scary shade of dark blue, and it looked like there was going to be an epic storm heading our way. Luckily the storm never happened during our shoot, and it just lightly sprinkled at the end. Guess the sky was all bark and no bite that day! The sun stayed out the whole time, and provided us with a nice contrast with the bright yellow and green fields next to the dark sky (see the tractor picture for evidence of the intense colors!). The wind was also a big help and looked great with Sierra’s golden tresses. Could it get any better than that? Needless to say, we were very happy photographers.

Sierra picked 3 fashionable outfits for the farm. The first outfit was a beautiful white lace dress with a leather belt, the second was a colorful tribal patterned top with a black skirt and some killer wedges, and the final outfit was light and feminine, featuring a light pink top, white scarf, and a matching pink flower hair piece. Kaela kept Sierra’s makeup natural with a little bit of glam for the farm scene. Soft curls were added to just the end of her hair, and the makeup featured a subtle smokey eye that made her eyes sparkle.

We love how Sierra’s shoot turned out! When working outside, you can never be sure of what the weather is going to be like (especially in good ‘ole western Pennsylvania). We were thrilled to be photographing Sierra while we had such vivid colors outside. Don’t you think it suites Sierra just perfectly? Some of our favorite pictures consist of Sierra leaning against the tractor, the closeup of her with the texture of an aged wooden wall behind her, and her playing in the high grass in a field.

Thanks Sierra for picking out a great theme, putting together some fashionable outfits, and working so well with us! We had a blast photographing you and are very happy to have you on the Senior Model Rep team this year!

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Hair Fashion Shoot for Revelations Hair Designs

We just photographed an incredible hair fashion shoot for the Revelations Hair Designs Salon of Moon Township, PA. These photos were taken for the Wella’s Trendvision 2012 Hair Contest, which is a contest that provides stylists from all the country with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and creativity on a global scale. Owner/Expert Stylist Bonnie Lipke created this amazing artistic hair style that is sure to wow the judges!!! Locks of oranges, reds, and blonde intertwine in an artistic arrangement underneath the outside layer, creating an eye catching look. We photographed two different looks – the everyday down look, which is more subtle and the stunning up do, where her true colors were revealed! Model Cassandra Vazquez rocked this shoot, she came alive in front of the camera with this totally fashion forward hairstyle. The salon has a chic atmosphere and that energy definitely transferred into these photos. It was an awesome experience, thank you Bonnie for allowing us to photograph your stunning hair style and we wish you the best of luck in the competition!










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Moriah Viviano | Senior Model Rep



Vogue should be threatened by Moriah’s amazing Senior Model Rep High Fashion Photo Shoot! She wanted a fashion theme in a luxurious location, and that’s exactly what we gave her. We found the perfect location for her at the Inn on the Mexican War Streets, a beautiful historic gem in Pittsburgh. A special thanks goes out the the owner Karl for letting us photograph in his gorgeous Inn- thanks again Karl, we hope you like the pictures! The Inn was complete with a huge spiral staircase in the entryway, and rooms filled with intricately decorated fireplaces, large mirrors, a grand piano, and glistening chandeliers. Even the outside was just as amazing as the inside, with huge pillars, big white curtains, and prestigious handing lamps. Can you say glamorous?!

Moriah picked out perfect outfits and accessories for the Inn, and truly looked like an old Hollywood starlet! Her first outfit included black sequins shorts, a cream and black form fitting blazer, cream high heels, and a black sequined out hat. We felt that this outfit was perfectly styled and gave her lots of attitude and edge. Her second outfit was a beautiful multi colored pastel sequined dress that shimmered in the natural light, and her last outfit (our favorite) was a long black dress decked out in elaborate metallic beading- it looked like it was made for this location!

For Moriah’s makeover Kaela did a Hollywood look to her eyes by doing a neutral colored smokey eye accented with bold black eyeliner with a slight tapered wing on the ends. We switched up her look later by using red lipstick to pump up the Hollywood glamour feel- va va voom! Moriah’s sister Jena did a great job in styling Moriah’s hair. She created flowing curls that stayed intact for the entire shoot, great job Jena! We loved all of Moriah’s outfit choices for this shoot, and feel that the wide range of accessories that she brought completed her look perfectly.

Thanks Moriah for coming up with such a glamorous theme and posing like a real model for us! And thanks again to Karl for letting us shoot at his picture perfect Inn, we couldn’t be happier with our model and our location!

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Gabbi Hamer | Senior Model Rep



Gabbi Hamer’s High Fashion Senior Model Rep Shoot was all about the peace, love, and epic photography! We had a great time finding some nature loving goodness locations. We shot in a field of daisies, among rustic cabins, near an old abandoned fireplace and chimney (…yeah, not your typical stuff here!), and among a magical forest.

We dug deep into our inner hippy souls and got creative with making props for Gabbi. We strung colorful paper lanterns in a tree, found a unique lantern for her to hold, used her own personal guitar, sat her in a vintage chair in a field, got her a sweet light up hula hoop, and used flowers and jewelry to deck her out. Gabbi’s session shows you just how creative we can get with props- we love them! Even though Gabbi’s shoot was for the Senior Model Rep program, doesn’t mean that we aren’t open to using props for Senior, Family, and Wedding sessions. We encourage our clients to take inspiration from Gabbi’s session, and get creative with themes and props! A special thank you goes out to Gabbi for picking such a creative theme and working with our props.

Gabbi wanted a really natural look for her makeover. For her hair Kaela added some soft waves and curls and did her eye makeup with gold and copper tones. Since she wanted that all natural tree hugging look, we decided to use a neutral lip color on her, which kept the focus on her amazingly natural multicolored eyes! We also thought that Gabbi did a great job picking out her outfits. She went with a long dress, a knee length dress, and a tie dye shirt with jeans. These outfits were fun and colorful, and allowed us to create a wide variety of looks.

To put a finishing touch on her pictures, we used a variety of special effects in post processing, like vintage colors, bold split toning, and increasing the contrast. We feel that the bold colors in Gabbi’s pictures would make any hippy happy :)

Great job Gabbi, we think your pictures look far out and we absolutely love the theme that you picked! We’re glad to have you on the Senior Model Rep Team, and feel that you make a great representative for Moon High School!

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Kylie Rush | Senior Model Rep



Kylie’s theme was filled with the exotic yet fashionable side of nature. Kylie looked like a nature loving diva anywhere we put her with her colorful outfits and long dark hair.

The locations we found for Kylie were really unique, and brought a vintage hippy feel to the shoot. We photographed her among tall grass, dandelions, a funky abandoned pavilion, bright green ferns, an old abandoned spring house, and even a waterfall! Kylie was a real trooper for us and had to be a risk taker for the shoot with scaling cliffs, hiking trails to get to locations, and dodging waterfalls and all. Some of our favorite photos of her were taken inside and outside of the spring house. We love the texture of the stone and the aged white painted wood on the exterior. Kylie seemed to fit right in with every location we photographed, and she was a real natural for the camera.

We love the bright outfits that Kylie chose for her shoot, as they let us get vivid eye catching photos. Kylie wore 3 fashionable outfits, including a bright salmon colored dress, a form fitting floral navy blue dress, and a cute bohemian belly shirt and white skirt combination. We tell our Senior Model Reps to pick outfits for their High Fashion Photo Shoot that make a statement, and we feel that Kylie’s outfits did just that!

For her makeover, we did a pretty dramatic smokey eye using dark brown and gold tones. This really brought out her honey brown eyes, and complemented her hair perfectly! Kylie did her hair herself, and we think she did a great job. The most amazing part was that her waves and curls remained intact throughout the entire shoot, and let us tell you, this is typically never the case! Between the wind, rain, sun, and multiple clothing changes most of a models take quite the photo beating.

Great job Kylie, we love that you are on our Senior Model Rep team. The great outdoors never looked so fashionable with you in it!

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