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pittsburgh senior portait railroad tracks

Choosing your clothing is the fun part about getting Senior Portraits done! When choosing clothing for your session you can be creative, stylish, and express your unique style in what you wear. Sound challenging? No worries, we break it down into 10 easy steps: Continue reading »

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Teen Model | Nicole Young

Throughout our time in the photography business, we’ve met some wonderful clients- and Nicole Young is no exception. We met Nicole through photographing her as a dancer at Carol Leone’s Dance Studio here in Pittsburgh. Nicole is a wonderful dancer, but we thought she’d also make an incredible teen model. To give her some exposure, we recently invited Nicole to a teen model session at our studio and got some incredible stuff!

Nicole (also known as Nikki) is only fifteen years old and already a pro teen model! She had some first time jitters, but Nikki was ready to rock in no time. We had her trying all sorts of things throughout her modeling session- take a look at some of what we got!

Nikki already has her first modeling gig in The Mall at Robinson’s “Back to School Saturday” fashion show this week. We think (actually- we know!) she’ll do a phenomenal job. We look forward to working with her again soon!

If you are interested in modeling portfolios and headshots, we offer a wide variety of options including: business portraits, actors’ headshots, model portfolio shoots, fashion editorial shoots, or look book shoots. David and the team will work with you directly to create images that let your personality shine. Contact us at (412) 299-0440, studio@daviddesigner.com or visit our website for more information!

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Senior Model Rep | Emily D’Amico

We truly had a blast with Emily D’Amico, Senior Model Rep, on her Senior Portrait shoot!

We spent some time with Emily on the North Side of Pittsburgh on a very hot day. You wouldn’t know it was nearly 90 degrees though- she rocked it like no other! Emily did a really great job of incorporating her casual sense of style into her portraits through the hot weather.

Emily really wanted a natural feel to her portraits, so having the perfect light in downtown Pittsburgh was key. Thankfully, we found the most amazing scenes for her! We were able to find sun highlights in Emily’s hair, under her eyes, and even flowing perfectly across her clothing (no flash needed here!). The light combined with Emily’s easy-going character helped her personality shine tremendously throughout her Ultimate session.

Thanks for being such a trooper with us on what turned out to be a fantastic shoot, Emily. We feel that your portraits really shine- just like you! We are proud to have you on the Class of 2015 Senior Model Rep team!

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Senior Model Rep | Meredith Hanson

Meredith Hanson, Senior Model Rep, had a really fun time with us on her location shoot! For her third senior model shoot, Meredith chose to lighten up her theme. Her posing, styling, and overall attitude was very refreshing and we loved that she was able to switch it up from her last Urban shoot! By wearing pastel colors and brightening up her complexion to create a friendly but bold look, Meredith was able to really rock it and get some awesome shots with this one!

We traveled with Meredith to a nearby park that’s super top secret… believe it or not, this park has trouble showing up clear on any map- we had to have Meredith follow us there because we couldn’t even give her directions! It’s truly a beautiful, hidden gem and Meredith really exemplified that. The park has rusted swings, jungle gyms, slides, and other playground equipment that provided for some awesome (and free!) props. It also sits right between active train tracks and the river- very Pittsburgh-like and perfect for our senior model!

While the weather behind us was not cooperating at all, the light was still beautiful! Among every rain cloud and shower that came our way, we found numerous bright spots to really intensify our scenes with Meredith. We got extra creative with back lighting, filters, and brought along our flash which made for a wide variety of images. Later on in the shoot, we even caught ourselves finding unique shots while we waited out a rain shower underneath a pavilion! Good things come to those who wait, right?

Thanks for an amazing shoot Meredith! We feel you really brought your best stuff and are so glad to have you on board for our Class of 2015 team. We look forward to taking your senior portraits later on this year!

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Family Portraits | The Spellman’s

Along with Senior Portraits, we offer Family Portraits too! For our families, we value real emotion, dynamic interaction, and natural posing. With these characteristics, we’re able to capture moments that your family will surely treasure for many years to come! Whether you choose for your session to be here at our studio, at a meaningful location, or in the comfort of your own home, we’ll make sure that your family portraits look casual, genuine, and natural.

The Spellman family are long-time clients (and friends!) who have had both Senior Portraits and Family Portraits taken with us throughout the years. We recently had a session with the youngest Spellman, Tanner, and got some really cool shots. Tanner wanted to be pretty natural during his shoot and wanted to show off the way he has fun! We traveled with him to one of our favorite outdoor locations just outside of Pittsburgh and ended up with a really adventurous theme- perfect for an awesome kiddo like Tanner! Here are some of our favorites:

Check out more about our family and children sessions and schedule a shoot with us today!

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The Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience

For our exclusive Ultimate session, we’re able to get plenty of variety for your senior portraits. This top session includes a three hour shoot with five different looks and outfit changes to allow our Seniors to have the full David Designer experience! For Allegra’s session, she chose both Urban and Organic styles to portray her full personality. We traveled to a few different Pittsburgh locations and got the overall style she was really looking for! Combining both styles together really created the perfect senior portrait experience for Allegra- hear an awesome testimonial from her mom below!

“From the moment they’re born and throughout a child’s life, parents hope that others will see the beauty of their child. We long for people too see our child the way we see them. And cannot understand when others aren’t able to see how beautiful our children are. We want (and try many times) to capture that beauty with each milestone they pass. Senior portraits may certainly be one of the most important milestones, for they encompass the individuality and personality that has been shaped for the last 12 years of school. From music to sports, football fields to first dates, and from college applications to high school graduation we want our son or daughter to recognize their beauty. But, to capture the truest image of who our children are is often next to impossible. As we progressed through my daughter’s Senior Portrait Session, I saw that David had caught a true glimpse of my daughter and was eager to seize her beauty for us. And did he ever! By listening to our vision of what we wanted for our portraits, and by paying special attention to the belongings she brought that were special to her, David was able to do what no other photographer has been able to do. He captured my daughter’s inner beauty as well as her outer beauty. The finished portraits are stunning. These photographs will serve not only to memorialize Allegra’s senior year, but they are timeless glimpses into the mischievous, light-hearted, funny but serious young woman that we’ve been privileged to parent. Not only do my husband and I delight in the authenticity of these portraits, the best reward of the entire process is that when Allegra looks at her pictures, she is able to see the best in herself. Which is exactly what we wanted from this session. Thank you, David Designer Portraits. You have given us a beautiful gift of capturing our little girl’s heart in photographs.”

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Fashion Style Senior Photos at David Designer

Looking to make a fashion statement with your senior portraits?

Check out these cool and fashionable images of Abigail! For her images, we incorporated both urban and fashion styles to give her portraits a unique fashion style with just the right amount of edge. Combining these two styles together created the ultimate package for Abigail- and you can create that in your own way, too! You’ll be sure to stand out with these high fashion styled images. To show off your unique portraits, you can customize a high end portrait themed Folio or Accordion Book, both perfect to share with family and friends. You can even choose a Boutique Framed Portrait to emphasize your perfect, fashionable look! The possibilities are endless… schedule a fashion themed session today!

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Pittsburgh Senior Portraits l Cassandra

Unique Locations for Pittsburgh Senior Portraits

Here’s a great example of the variety of looks we can get out of an Ultimate Plus Session, the best of the best out of all of our Senior Portrait Sessions. Cassandra chose the Urban and Fashion Session Styles for the location portion of her shoot. We applaud her on her careful consideration in her outfit choices for this shoot. She brought a variety of clothes in different styles, colors, and patterns and she also did a great job of accessorizing with funky necklaces, which makes her style unique and 100% Cassandra. To learn more about picking out the perfect outfits for your Senior Portrait Session, read our blog post titled “10 Senior Portrait Clothing Tips”. Great job, Cassandra! The sky is the limit, where will we take your Senior Portraits?



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Location Senior Portraits

Unique on-location Senior Portraits to fit every senior’s personality!

Express your true personality with a special on location senior portrait shoot. Our Excursion session includes traveling up to 45 minutes from our studio in Moon Township/Clinton.

We have already scouted or photographed at many awesome places around Pittsburgh to insure that your photos will be special and different from your friends senior pictures.

You can also pick your own location that has significance to you or reflects your interests or personality. Why settle for ordinary pictures when you could have this once in a lifetime experience?

To see more check out David Designer Portraits and our Facebook page.





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Kelly Burak | Senior Model Rep


We had a great time doing Kelly Burak’s nautical themed High Fashion Senior Model Rep shoot! The sky was blue, the water was sparkling, and the wind felt great…ships ahoy!

We were able to get a little bit of everything nautical into Kelly’s shoot. We had her splashing in the water, leaning against a boat, and eventually we had her paddling around in the water like a champ!

Before we photographed her by the water, we spent some time with her in the forest. There was sunlight streaming through the trees that we were dying to capture, and Kelly’s coral colored dress looked great among the vivid green leaves. After we got some shots of Kelly looking like a woodland goddess, we then ventured down to the lake.

Kelly picked out perfect outfits for the lake, you could tell that this girl did her homework! The first outfit was a bright yellow dress, which looked fantastic next to the blue water. The second outfit showed her true sailor pride with a navy and white striped shirt. Kaela did Kelly’s makeup and hair, and we think she turned out great! For her eyes Kaela used gold and brown tones to make her honey brown eyes sparkle. For her hair, Kaela gave Kelly loose curls. Luckily for us, Kelly’s mom Carol is a hair dresser, so she was very helpful and even gave us a bottle of professional hairspray to use at the studio! Thanks Carol, that stuff is a lifesaver (no pun intended!).

Looking at Kelly’s album, we are very pleased with the variety of looks that we were able to get out of her shoot. We worked in shade and full sunlight and used a flash, allowing us to have complete control of the lighting. We even used the flash right next to the water and some how managed not to sink our flash unit to the bottom of the lake- go us! We also worked with natural light and reflectors. Aside from our lighting, we are happy with Kelly’s cooperation, styling, and great posing! The nautical theme offered something unique, and we had a blast working with the water with Kelly. Great job Kelly, we’re glad to have you on the Senior Model Rep Team!


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